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Vmware Thinapp Full Enterprise 5.2.5 Build 12316299

i have an application that use some configuration files that i need to access manually. when i build the package, all files about my app are included into the.dat file, so when i need to access configuration files manually (to edit or overwrite them with a most recent version) i can not do that. is there a way to immediately expose some files out of the.dat file i read that every file modified by the virtualized application, is placed inside the sandbox folder, and then it will come used forever by the virtualized application. is it possibile enforce this condition immediatly

Vmware thinapp full Enterprise 5.2.5 Build 12316299


i have a question about using a thinapp with a vhd file. can someone explain to me the process of how to get a thinapp to run with a vhd file? i have a few virtual machines that i am using. i want to use a thinapp to manage these virtual machines. i have a lot of virtual machines and would rather not use a cd for each.

i've just installed the vsphere client and created the thinapp, and it works fine. however, the.dat file doesn't get unzipped and the thinapp doesn't load (the window that says loading is grayed out). i think i have to do the unzipping in the thinapp first but i can't find the proper location in the thinapp to do that. any suggestions?

now, we need to configure the vmware thinapp packager service to start automatically at boot time. to do this, in the left-hand side of the window, double-click the log on option and click on the add service button. on the right-hand side of the window, choose the following service service settings:

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