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Jenkins adds that ghosters create unhealthy problem-solving patterns for themselves, and that they also contribute to a larger pattern of societal flakiness that increases their chances of being ghosted as well.


Do you ghost people frequently and then feel bad about it, because you just don't know how to end a relationship without breaking someone's heart? You aren't alone. The number of ghosters, who want to avoid awkward conversations while breaking away from a budding relationship, are increasing in dating space. Some people disappear in the middle of a date while some do not turn up even after promising to be somewhere. Ghosting unfortunately not only shakes confidence and breaks hearts, but also dissuades sensitive people from going on dates again. If you have ghosted more than once and looking for creative ways to celebrate halloween this year, one of them could be getting rid of this toxic behaviour. (Also read: Relationship expert on top reasons why people ghost you)

My random acts of disappearing could always be traced back to fear. I somehow caught a glimpse of something in the guy or the relationship that led me to believe I was going to be disappointed and hurt in the future. These glimpses would come in the form of awkward conversations, misinterpretations of behavior and body language, lack of verbal affirmation, lack of immediate interest on my part, and (my favorite) good ol' jealousy. Truthfully, the act of ghosting is often a result of the ghoster being burned just one too many times (or, in fact, being the ghostee at one point). 041b061a72

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