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Space Pirates And Zombies-GOG [VERIFIED]

Any special character may produce a square or an empty space mark in the game, main menu and game console. In practice, any characters other than latin ones are not working. The problem is that Bitstream Vera Sans is configured as the system primary default font for latin sans-serif fonts.

Space Pirates and Zombies-GOG

Ever heard of a sci-fi space RPG with both space ships AND zombies? Well, you have now. The zombies are well represented in SPAZ, and make a great addition to an already overcrowded game sub-type. I would not describe SPAZ as original, but it certainly does make a good stand against the other games in this genre.

The further in the game the player travels, the more enemy space ships are encountered. By destroying a space ship, the player acquires a blueprint of it, or a piece of the blueprint. For lower class ships, it takes only one blueprint to be able to build the ship, but the larger ships can take several blueprints to construct.

In the ship hangars, which can be accessed at all times during the game, you can change the load-out of your vessels, as well as their type. There is a list that allows you to select a spaceship to use in a certain slot in your fleet. Each slot represents one ship, so unlocking more slots means having the ability to deploy more ships at once.

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