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Hansraj Model School Holiday Homework

HANSRAJ PUBLIC SCHOOLSector-6 Panchkula, Haryana-134109.Ph.: 0172-2573800, 2574800Fax: 0172-2576800Mobile: +919646024900Email: principalhps6@gmail.comWebsite:

hansraj model school holiday homework

I wish to make my vacations productive by working on my soft skills, finding the right college for myself and starting on my college applications. In addition to that, I intend to do some self-analysis to ensure that I am going in the right direction. I plan on completing my holiday homework during the initial days so that I have the rest of the holidays for myself and utilise them to the fullest. Keeping all the productive activities aside, I also plan on spending time with my friends and family and improving myself to become a better version of what I currently am.

NGOs reported Dalit students were sometimes denied admission to certain schools because of their caste, required to present caste certification prior to admission, barred from morning prayers, asked to sit in the back of the class, or forced to clean school toilets while being denied access to the same facilities. There were also reports teachers refused to correct the homework of Dalit children, refused to provide midday meals to Dalit children, and asked Dalit children to sit separately from children of upper-caste families.

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