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Accuracy in interpretations of emotional behaviors in dogs may be associated with observational patterns. For example, young children, who mistake aggressive dog faces as happy, tend to focus primarily on the mouth and teeth, rather than a scan of eyes, nose, and mouth [43]. Experience with dogs displaying a variety of emotions may facilitate the development of observational skills and increase the likelihood of focusing on species-appropriate features and behaviors. In the current study, the likelihood of reporting that facial features (eyes, ears, mouth/tongue) were emotionally informative increased from the non-professional to the professional level of experience, with the largest increase for the use of the ears. In contrast, differences by experience were smaller for selection of the bodily features (legs/paws, tail). Because of their relative size, bodily features may be salient targets of observation, even for less-experienced individuals. However, interestingly, participants who had never owned a dog were less likely than more-experienced individuals to report that the tail was informative when viewing both happy and fearful examples. The total number of features reported as emotionally informative also increased with experience up to the professional level, suggesting that a tendency to observe dogs more holistically grows with experience.

Descargar Fairy Tail Mp4 50 Mb M

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