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STRIDER returns in a brand new adventure, complete with incredible side-scrolling action, and lightning fast combat all in a massive interconnected world! Download the full game February 19th and become the original assassin!

STRIDER Download PC Game

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We know what you're thinking, SMS gamers -- Strider! Awesome! You stuffed quarters into the coin-op, and you drooled over the Genesis version. Now you can have a Strider of your very own. However, don't let your expectations get the better of you.

Strider is an average action game that features steady if unspectacular combat. If this is your first Strider experience, you won't be disappointed, but you ought to hunt down the arcade version or tackle a friend's Genesis game to really find out what all the excitement's about.

I'm always a little nervous when companies revive beloved games from our past, but Double Helix did a bang-up job bringing back Capcom's cyber-ninja after a 15-year hiatus from headlining games. As a fan of the offshoot NES Strider release, I love that this feels like a combination of those more adventure-oriented elements mixed with more action-y pieces from the original arcade game. While exploration never hits the level of Castlevania or Metroid, the game offers enough hidden paths and secrets to satisfy. However, the real star of the show is running, climbing, and slicing, and that's a blast thanks to Strider Hiryu's pinpoint controls and awesome powers. Unfortunately, his abilities--and many other elements in Strider--feel like they fall short of their full potential. With just a bit more development, this could've gone from good to great.

Maybe it's because I never played the original Strider for the NES (or the arcade version, for that matter) that I can look at this game and see it for the testament to mediocrity that it is. From a technical standpoint, Strider does successfully check off all the Metroidvania boxes, including the necessity of backtracking and acquiring items to unlock power-ups and new areas. But the story is nearly nonexistent, the gameplay is straightforward and dull, and the neon-infused aesthetics hurt my eyes so much that I got headaches.

Oh, Ray--I forgive you, for you know not what you speak. Platinum owes their entire "stylish action" concept to the OG Strided. This, on the other hand, is an enjoyable game--but it's not a good Strider. That's evident from the first time Hiryu unsheathes his sword; the iconic "SLASH" from the original is but a muffled, impotent whimper here. The above-average exploration and combat held my attention, but this is like going to the Luxor in Vegas after touring the Great Pyramid of Giza. It's a kitschy imitation of a work of art.

Easily the best action game at the CES, Strider (no relation to the NES title) is a near duplicate of the arcade game. Containing a phenomenal 6 meg of memory, this game offers graphic detail, seldom seen in a home cart. The character animation is near perfect also as his summersaults and flips are done in very fluid movements. Also like in the arcade version Strider can get the circling option for double firepower and later in the game his dog comes in handy in taking out the enemy. The end of round bosses are huge, nearly rising to the top of the screen and the animation of such a large character is done very well. With multidirectional scrolling coupled with a level of gameplaying intensity only seen in the arcades, Strider will probably be one of the biggest hits when it comes to the stores this Christmas.

Lance Rice of Jasper, Alabama, has a continue for this Genesis game that isn't mentioned in the manual. Simply press the START button when "Game Over" appears on the screen. Thanks for the egg, Lance.

At first glance, this latest offering from Capcom looks like yet another one of their run-of-the-mill, side-view action-adventure games. And basically that's what Strider is. With this minor negative aside, here's the good news: Strider is probably one of the best run-of-the-mill, side-view action-adventure games to come out for the NES. It has many of the little but nice - features the others lack: great graphics, great sound, great, well-paced action (rarely will you encounter a lull while playing Strider) and, to top all this "greatness" off, a great adventure challenge that isn't a cinch to solve, but won't frustrate the average NES gamer.

So what's the scenario of this great game? To be quite honest, I'm not sure. The story background described in the instruction manual is rather ambiguous, giving the impression that things, content-wise, were lost in the translation from Japanese to English (there are a few spelling mistakes, too). Apparently, your initial mission is to rescue a friend, but - lo and behold! - you discover some sort of a sinister plan by an evil organization bent on taking over the world. Of course, being the nice guy you are, you decide to save the world. After all, you're Hiryu, a "Super-A grade" member of the Striders, the strongest secret-maneuvers group in the world!

Sarcasm out of the way, the game starts from blue dragon headquarters (it's this orbiting space station that looks like a blue dragon, hence the name). Here you select from three functions: transfer, analyze and password. Password allows you to enter a 12-digit password from a previous game so that you can start from where you originally left off. Analyze is used for reading any one of the six message disks that you'll be gathering while exploring the many screens of Strider. Transfer starts the action. Depending on how far you've already progressed in game play, you can transport your Strider character to any one of several geographic locations on Earth.

Despite having both a game concept and story scenario that has been well overdone and heard before, Strider is a very refreshing game. For some reason, it manages to come across like something new, which it obviously isn't. Playing it gave me a strange sense of nostalgia of the first time I tried out Super Mario Bros, on my brand-new NES. That was a time when a new game meant new challenges and new discoveries. I guess that's what makes Strider so appealing. It's based on that mysterious source which turns games like Super Mario Bros, into classics.

Sega's long awaited adaptation of Capcom's arcade game - Strider is now a reality! Containing a full 8 megabits of cartridge memory - the largest ever for a U.S. home system, Strider faithfully duplicates all 6 levels found in the arcade version!

Based on the Sega arcade game, this 8 meg Genesis version faithfully duplicates all of the levels found on the coin-op. You are a special agent who has been dropped deep inside of Russian territory in order to exterminate the evil rulers who want to take over the world. Fight through fortresses, in the mountains of Siberia, and in the hot jungles. Take on androids, attack dogs and even amazons in this action filled game.

Like Ghouls and Ghosts, this Capcom arcade translation is done to near carbon-copy perfection on the Genesis. The 8-Meg of power inside this cart displays some of the best graphics ever and, combined with the strong play mechanics, blend together to create an awesome game.

What a game! It's unbelievable what just a little bit more memory can do to a cart. Everything is here from the coin-op and it plays fantastic! Spectacular graphics, decent tunes and great game play! One look and you'll see why it's the game of the year!

From the game play to the graphics to the rockin' musical backgrounds, Strider is top class all the way! The action is intense and non-stop, and the sights along the way are so detailed you might think you're at the arcades. A few features are missing from the coin-op, but still first-rate!

Why is this game more popular now than when it was a coin-op game? If you've played that one, then here it is exact as can be and just as much fun if not more. Get your hands on this as soon as you can 'cause it's destined to disappear fast! How about the coin-op 'Willow' next?

One of the most eagerly awaited Nintendo games to come along in a while! Strider is loosely based on the Capcom coin-op of the same name. The goal of the game is to defeat the Russian army and prevent total world-domination from the pinkos.

Strider combines elements from scrolling action contests and adventures games as well. You must locate specific items to progress to higher levels of play. There is also a limited amount of energy and power that your hero possesses which must be monitored carefully.

Strider offers plenty to interact with, lots of weapons and implements to find, and an expansive adventure that will keep you occupied for some time. The graphics are above-average and help compliment the rest of the game. Capcom's second hit of the season (behind Mega Man 2)!

Capcom's games follow a similar pattern, whether it's Bionic Commando or Mega Man II, the game's are similar. Strider is good, and like Bionic Commando, has a variety of stages to conquer. Definitely not the average action game, Strider is a cut above the rest.

If you like games like Bionic Commando, you'll like Strider. It's a very good game that has all the options and play features you'd expect to find in this type of game. The one thing I didn't like was having to traverse each level and then transfer back to the main screen over and over again.

The NES version of Strider is not as good as the arcade, adopting a different storyline and look. The graphics and play are good, the maze is very complex, and many hidden items to find. The Password isn't really needed because the game isn't too hard, but the last Boss is very challenging. 041b061a72

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