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Seven Samurai Subtitles Serbian VERIFIED

Akira Kurosawa was and is considered the master of east-western film-making (in that he made his Japanese films accessible for fans of American westerns while still making the movies his country found popular), and out of the few Kurosawa movies I've had the pleasure of viewing (Hidden Fortress, Rashomon, and this) I'd have to say that while Rashomon is still my favorite, I nevertheless had a blast during this one. The story has become quite influential to filmmakers from the likes of John Sturges (The Magnificent Seven) to John Lasseter (A Bug's Life): a small village has been terrorized by bandits for far too long, amid times of civil war in the nation, and so on the advice of Grand-Dad, they decide to hire four - which soon becomes seven - samurai for the job. There's no money, just food and honor, even though the village isn't exactly pleased to have samurai back in their village. Each character is drawn and executed compellingly, though for my money Toshiro Mifune proves why he became one of Japan's most notorious film actors. His work as the brave, bold outcast of the seven is awe-inspiring practically all the way through, like the hero of a western that anyone can root for since he's a true rebel at heart within a group of men with a task at hand. Kurosawa directs his tale and main and supporting players like a grand composer, orchestrating a vivid story and extracting from great actors like Takashi Shimura (the old, wise Samurai), Ko Kimura (the disciple Samurai), Daisuke Kato (Schichiroji), and Mifune (Kikuchiyo, which isn't his real name) just the right touches of humanity, humor, tragedy, romance, and intensity. The overall intensity, by the way, isn't over-estimated; its long length (almost 3 1/2 hours) isn't distracting in the slightest since Kurosawa's editing and photography (the later helmed by Asakazu Nakai) are extraordinary. Not to compare the two films, but one thing I saw in common with Seven Samurai and a Lord of the Rings film is that, if anything else, it definitely isn't a boring experience. Along with a score by Fumio Hayasaka that gives the film just a bit more of a pulse, and a showdown that is relentless with excitement, this is one of the must-see action films for film buffs, or anyone with an serious interest in having fun with an epic.

Seven Samurai subtitles Serbian

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This Japanese samurai film from Akira Kurosawa sets up a classic action template that would inspire everything from THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN to THE SEVEN MAGNIFICENT GLADIATORS and utilises the style of camera-work and direction that would inspire Hollywood movies till this day. Be warned, at three hours and ten minutes, this is a leisurely-paced film that takes its time to get to know the leading characters, and many fans of the type of slickly-edited, no-attention-span blockbusters that are made these days will find themselves struggling to sit through the film in one go. However, perseverance is worthwhile, because SEVEN SAMURAI is a very well made film despite the low budget. The direction and camera-work, as mentioned previously, are spot on and Kurosawa reveals himself at home both in the crisply-shot action sequences and the character-fuelled drama.Another big plus for the film is the cast, all of whom really add to the movie experience as a whole. Best of all is Takashi Shimura as Shimada, the chief samurai; taciturn yet friendly, strong yet understanding, he gives an outstanding performance. Shimada's character is off-set by Toshiro Mifune's Kikuchiyo, who has more of a scene-stealing part as a farmer's-son-turned-samurai; Mifune brings vitality and humour to the movie and, while I'm sure his gurning and frenzied comedy will not be to all tastes, he certainly ups the excitement and fun of the film whenever he's around. The supporting characters are also great, especially the stern Kyuzo and the youngster of the seven, Katsushiro.The plot is simple yet is strong enough to have been rehashed countless times. Elements of battle tactics and warfare are used sparingly but effectively, and the emotional punch is there; at the closing scenes, I felt like crying right along with Katsushiro, due to all the unnecessary bloodshed and killing that immediately preceded that moment. SEVEN SAMURAI is best experienced by watching it appreciatively; of course it looks dated nowadays, and many of the plot elements have become clichéd. Appreciating what it did to cinema in 1954, though, reveals what a strong, expertly-made and influential movie it really is. 041b061a72

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