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The X-Files 8x19

8x19 picture frame for your home decor to displaying personal photograph or favorite poster print to give a clear view of your picture and preserves the life of your photo. This natural maple 8x19 picture frame will create a beautiful custom gallery wall with your photography, poster, favorite pet photos, family portraits, charcoal drawings or art prints. Modern Memory Design picture framing is carefully assembled with the highest quality frame material. Crafted from pine wood picture frame moulding, chopped, glued, nailed, real glass glazing and foam core board backing, intended to hang vertically or horizontally. Hanging Hardware included with the frame

The X-Files 8x19

Unlike conventional wire rope, which is comprised of six strands, this wire rope is made by wrapping eight strands around a steel core. The end result is a wire rope that fights rotational forces while a load is suspended. While 8-strand ropes (including both 8x19 and 8x25 constructions) are inherently spin resistant, they do not offer as much resistance to spin as 19x7 or 19x19 constructions. What they lack in spin-resistance, however, they make up for in strength and durability. They are stronger than 19x7 construction ropes and they are not damaged as easily. Plus, you can use them in both single-part or multi-part hoist systems. Available for purchase by the foot, with automatic quantity price breaks; the more you buy, the more you save per foot. 041b061a72

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