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Gravostyle 5 Discovery Download

19/11/17.. gravograph m20 jewelry engraving machine am30 supplier we provide you the friendly english user. is anyone by any chance running gravostyle 98 to a rotary engraver (we have an is400) but on a windows 7 computer

Gravostyle 5 Discovery Download

section 2 gravostyle 5 intro i. intro gravostyle 5 is designed for use with the gravograph rotary and laser engravers. it has many new benefits that makes designing jobs for your equipment much easier. the purpose of this section is to familiarize you with the layout of the gravostyle 5 software. you will notice right off that the software looks different than anything you have seen in the past.

with gravostyle 5, you can create designs and transfer them directly to the engraver, a printer, or a postscript file. you can import and export in the many available file formats (word, pdf, postscript, eps, jpg, tiff, etc.) and with 3 different print formats (letter, a4 and landscape).

with gravostyle 5, your engraving software offers three engraving modes: vector mode, bitmap mode and matrix mode. you can directly engrave a logo or a picture with a bitmap or vector style. you can also use the matrix to edit a logo or a picture. this matrix mode allows you to create a mask or a template to engrave your logo or a picture. the engraver is also equipped with a laser cutter (ls100) to laser engrave your logo or a picture. the engraver can engrave in black only or in many colors.

gravostyle 5 supports the gravograph rotary and laser engraver models is400, is500, is600, is700, is800, and is1000. it allows you to engrave directly on the gravograph rotary in word and pdf format, and on a laser printer. you can also laser engrave on a flat surface. the laser engraver is equipped with a co2 laser.

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