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South Park Rally

The Mayor of South Park has decided to stage a rally series that will take place through the heart and outskirts of the town. Favorite characters from the popular television series are included and are able to make use of destructive automobiles, including police cars, mini Porsches, Big Gay Al buggies, wheat bags, jeeps and dozens of other vehicles.

South Park Rally


Choose your character from the cast of the popular 'mature' cartoon South Park, and tear through the streets in this racing game. Your character's vehicle may be a little cart, trike, or box, for example. Weapons include rockets, Salty Balls, Cheesy Poofs, the beloved Cow and even an Anal probe. All of the voices are also included, making it feel more like the real cartoon than a rally game. You can also play an all-on-all 4 player mode.

RALLY DAYS #1: Instead of turning completely after the row of cows on the way to Checkpoint 3 (on that gentle turn before Town Square, not one of the 90Ã angle turns), go behind the houses. It sometimes helps if you hit the Terrance Turbo and go straight into it.RALLY DAYS #2: At the end of the tracks on the left side of the bridge on the way to the trophy.COW DAYS: At the south end of the room with all the hay (in the corner).VALENTINE'S DAY: On the right side at the end of the Big Gay Boat Ride, right outside of the ballroom (the 'Disco Room').SPRING CLEANING: In the sewage pool near Checkpoint 2.READ-A-BOOK DAY: Behind the house on the edge of the lake near the beginning of the level.EASTER EGG HUNT: On the right mountain ledge at the beginning.PINK LEMONADE: On the red carpet hallway upstairs near Checkpoint 1 (next to the wall and the Mr. Hankey pick-up right around the corner).MEMORIAL DAY: On the edge of the cliff of cracked concrete and lava next to the laser.INDEPENDENCE DAY: Next to the right side of the building by Checkpoint 2.HALLOWEEN: Behind the trees in the city area.THANKSGIVING: In the tire in the staircase room (hit the turbo and blast thru the 'Ring Jump').CHRISTMAS: Behind the blue car in the parking lot by Checkpoint 3.MILLENIUM NEW YEAR'S EVE: On the ring on the other side of the old Checkpoint 1 (Memorial Day).

The game had some cool ideas, but the gameplay itself was a snooze fest and ultimately failed to be fun beyond the first hour. The Nintendo 64 couldn't knock it out of the park with every game. Few consoles realistically can.

Eric Cartman first appeared in the 1992 short series The Spirit of Christmas and is voiced by Trey Parker.[7] Cartman has been portrayed as aggressive, prejudiced and emotionally unstable since his character's inception. These traits are significantly augmented in later seasons as his character evolves, and he begins to exhibit psychopathic and extremely manipulative behavior. He is depicted as highly intelligent, able to execute morally appalling plans and business ideas with success. His intelligence goes further, as Cartman is shown to be a multi-linguist, able to speak many different foreign languages fluently. Among the show's main child characters, Cartman is distinguished as "the fat kid",[2] for which he is continuously insulted and ridiculed.[32] Cartman is frequently portrayed as a villain whose actions set in motion the events serving as the main plot of an episode.[5] Other children and classmates are alienated by Cartman's insensitive, racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, misogynistic, lazy, self-righteous, and wildly insecure behavior.[33][34][35][36][37] He is also the most prejudiced character on the show. Cartman often makes anti-semitic insults towards Kyle,[2][38] constantly teases Kenny for being poor,[39] particularly manipulates and mistreats Butters Stotch and displays an extreme disdain for hippies.[40][41] As a result, Cartman usually gets the consequences for his actions due to a flaw in his schemes or other characters proving to be smarter than him. Despite his antagonistic tendencies, he has been portrayed as a protagonist or antihero on several occasions. Cartman has short straight neatly-parted brown hair, pale skin, (no visible eye color due to how the series is animated), and extremely-fat body with neck flab and a double chin. He wears a small teal hat with a small flat yellow puff-ball on top and a matching yellow band where the forehead part of the hat begins, a large bright-red coat, matching yellow gloves, brown khaki pants, and black shoes.

Randy is 45 years old, and like Parker's father, is a geologist, making his first appearance in the series while monitoring a seismometer in the episode "Volcano". He was depicted to work at the South Park Center for Seismic Activity, and was later shown to work for the U. S. Geological Survey. He was briefly fired from his geologist job near the end of the 12th season, and quit briefly during the end of the 14th season, but has since been-rehired both times. He also serves on the city council, specializing in the town's parks and public grounds. A recurring character trait of Randy's is his being prone to overreacting and obsessively seizing upon irrational ideas and fads, whether by himself or as part of a large contingent of the town's adult population. Though the show frequently depicts him to be a moderate to heavy drinker, numerous episodes have dealt with Randy's belligerent and negligent behavior brought upon by his severe intoxication.

Gerald and Sheila Broflovski are an upper-middle-class, Jewish married couple who raise their ten-year-old son Kyle and three-year-old Canadian son Ike. Gerald is a lawyer who also serves on South Park's council as the city attorney,[55] and his role in this profession has been put on display in episodes such as "Sexual Harassment Panda" and "Chef Goes Nanners" in which a trial or legal issue plays a large part in the plot.[56][57][58] He is a generally kind, amiable person, though at intervals he has been shown to assume a snobbish attitude that disaffects his friends and family. Examples include the episode "Chicken Pox" where it is revealed that he used to be close with Stuart McCormick when they were younger but that the two had a falling out due to economic differences or when he begins acting like an arrogant snob after buying a hybrid car in "Smug Alert!". In "Sexual Harassment Panda", Gerald repeatedly sued South Park Elementary (which was faultless in every case), and later every citizen of South Park, showing his shameless monetary greed and disregard for civil propriety. Gerald was once seen to have a repressed gambling problem,[59] and prior struggles with a fictional form of inhalant abuse known within the show as "cheesing".[56] Gerald is, in season 20 of the show, revealed to be an internet troll. His internet alias is 'Skankhunt42', and initially, everyone thinks that Eric Cartman is, in fact, Skankhunt42. When trolling, he makes provocative statements against women, and, most notably, creates images where he "puts a dick in [women's] mouths." He always drinks red wine and listens to music by Boston when trolling. His antics eventually place him in the news after trolling a Danish Olympian making him of the two main antagonists of the entirety of season twenty alongside Lennart Bedrager.

Liane Marie Cartman is the generally sweet-natured mother of Eric Cartman; though in later seasons, she is a more proactive mother who does not tolerate his antics or foul language. Her promiscuity, often with total strangers, was a running gag initially. It seemed as though all of the adults in South Park had slept with her (probably the women, too). Although in episode 7, she is indicated to be a "crack whore", she says in "The Poor Kid" that she has not done drugs in some time, and works "two jobs." Liane's commuting from the home during normal daytime hours implies that at least one of the jobs is a traditional, non-prostitution form of employment, though the nature of this work is never specified. Despite the multiple sources of income, Eric comes to believe that he and Liane are the second poorest family in South Park (at least of those whose children attend South Park Elementary) after Kenny McCormick's.[61] At other times, it is implied that the Cartman household's IRS-reported income mostly comes from government welfare programs,[62] that Liane has simply transformed her prostitution career into a better-organized, safer "escort"-style operation,[63] or that in fact Liane has never held a traditional job and the family is in a more precarious economic state than their depicted lifestyle indicates.[64] As of Season 25, current continuity states that Liane has been unable to maintain legitimate employment due to constant demands on her time from Eric, and as a result of this economic stress combined with increases in rent on the family's house, the Cartmans are unable to keep up with their bills and find themselves living in an abandoned hot dog stand. Eric refuses to allow Liane to work, instead of attend to him, when he is awake even when explicitly told that this will cause financial disaster for the family, a storyline which may tie in to depictions of Cartman as homeless in the future.

Like her boyfriend Stan, Wendy is mature for her age, critical of popular trends, moral and intellectual, as well as being a feminist, as noted in many of her appearances. She campaigns in several episodes on causes such as breast cancer and the suffering of Bottlenose dolphins, often arguing with Eric Cartman who calls her a "bitch" or "ho" in response. Although the two generally only argue, he pushes her to the limit in the Season 12 (2008) episode "Breast Cancer Show Ever" wherein the two engage in a fight on the playground, in which Wendy badly beats up Cartman.

Directions:People are advised to park West of South Oyster Bay Road and walk to the corner of South Oyster Bay Road and Grumman Road to the protest area. South Oyster Bay Road between Grumman Road and Route 107 will be closed between 11 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. No parking once you're past South Oyster Bay Road and onto Grumman Road NOTE: Expect road closures. 041b061a72


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