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Good Girl Gone Bad 1.2 Final Game Download Full Version ((LINK))

good girl gone bad 1.2 final game is a two-screen game released by evakiss in 2015. it is a game where you play as ashley. the gameplay is simple: you move around ashley and trigger various actions. by triggering certain actions, ashley can choose from a number of alternative actions, each of which leads to a unique ending and various possible subsequent events. you can view the game as a visual novel, and as such you can decide if you want ashley to follow certain morals and choose certain actions. the game is divided into several chapters, each of which has a different theme, and you can choose to keep playing. the game is available for pc and android devices.

Good Girl Gone Bad 1.2 Final Game Download Full Version

this game is an episodic visual novel developed by evakiss, the game takes place in a town called 'vulksville' which has been infested with aliens. the protagonist, ashley, is a girl from a family of hunters. she spends her time as a school girl and to avoid the subject, she doesn't mention her father's profession. after she gets caught up in an alien invasion, she is forced to join the 'hunters'. this game is different from other visual novels in that there is a variety of endings and a branching storyline. the game has a different art style and music style to most visual novels. there are about 30 endings and as of 2015, there are still episodes available for download. you can play the game without buying the episodes if you want. the current episodes (1.2) have not been released on the main site, and i'm not sure if they ever will be. you can find a list of all the episodes on the wiki.

the free version of this game is a demo of the full version, and includes 9 chapters. there are three difficulty settings, and the game will save your progress for you. all chapters are from episode 1.


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