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Sword Factory X Auto Re-Enchant Script

Create your swords and use them in locations where you can put your creation to the test in Roblox Sword Factory X. In your factory, fine-tune and master the art of creating a sword. The more weapons you create, the more money you can get to unlock bigger and better upgrades for those blades. Take your creation into the field and test its might on Boss battles and enemies.

Sword Factory X | Auto Re-Enchant Script

Roblox Sword Simulator X is a game where you can create swords of all shapes and sizes in a factory. Once you have created the sword, you can unlock enchantments and upgrades for those swords to become stronger. Use these swords in different levels to kill enemies and take on bosses in timed challenges. The bigger your sword creation collection, the more you will level up and get money to create bigger and greater swords.

The Reality Marble's purpose is a steel manufacturing factory that produces the countless famous swords that are without their owners, extending into the horizon. It contains all of the raw materials and sorcery needed for the formation of the weapons, and it records and analyzes all weapons and defensive armaments encountered by the user. The number of unique weapons encountered and recorded by Archer exceeds numerous thousands, most of which are Noble Phantasms each possessing deadly powers. Their entire histories, compositions, and designs are all perfectly recorded, allowing for instant proficiency with the weapons by inheriting all combat skills and techniques utilized by their original owners. This allows for the reproduction of Noble Phantasms, which would generally be impossible for a faker. They can also be modified to the user's taste with reinforcement as shown by Archer's Caladbolg II and Kanshou and Bakuya. During his lifetime, EMIYA would customize his weapons from their usual states, projecting Noble Phantasms that appears to have been arranged with designs that are easier to use.[2]

However, before we start storing anything, put that petty tartaric gem you just made back into the Hellfire Forge in one of the input slots, and put an Iron Sword into another of the input slots. Congratulations, you now have a Sentient Sword. This useful tool will do several things. First off, everything it kills will automatically drop will, no more fooling around with snares. Second off, the more will you have on your person, the more damage it will do. Pretty nice sword.

Crypt BladeCurrentOldTypeRequirementsGreatsword75 SDW, 40 HVY, Power 10StatisticsDamageScaling22SDW: 9, HVY: 4Weight9Range9Swing Speed0.65xSpecial EffectSome Shadowcast Passives will be applied on hit.Endlag0.15sMiscellaneousObtainmentSelling PriceDepths Layer 1, Layer 2 and fishing100DescriptionA blade said to have been forged from the remains of the Last Dead, the last fortunate souls at the end of the Canticlysm to be spared the Drowning. 041b061a72

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