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[S4E12] Dad! I'm A Fairy!

As Roxy works to master her fairy powers, the Winx convince her to finally reveal the truth to her father. Her plans get thrown off, though, when the Wizards of the Black Circle interfere and kidnap Klaus and Roxy.

[S4E12] Dad! I'm a Fairy!

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Gantlos taunts Roxy which results in Artu lunging at him. Gantlos easily defeats him; Roxy runs over to check up on Artu. By expressing her concern for him through tears, Gantlos greatly offends Roxy by degrading Artu's importance. This enrages Roxy and triggers her transformation. Her father is appalled to learn that his daughter is a fairy. Still a newbie at magic, Gantlos taunts her but Roxy tries her best to beat him.

Gantlos is able to strike her out of the warehouse, when they arrive, Bloom is surprised to Roxy in her fairy form but this happy news is crushed when Klaus brings out an unconscious and hurt Artu. Another battle is about to begin.

The season takes place after the events of the previous season and the feature film Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The Winx Club fairies travel to Earth to protect its last terrestrial fairy from the four Wizards of the Black Circle. They also evolve their magic powers to Believix.[1] 041b061a72

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