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The Bank Job

The Twin-bladed Knife is being held inside Doloros Michaels' Bank. You've researched the security system and planned a heist accordingly. Travel to Upper Cyria, break into the bank and steal the knife within.

The Bank Job

Billie awakes on the Dreadful Wale and heads up on to the deck, Daud is sitting in an armchair by a table with all the information about the bank on it. Billie and Daud discuss the various methods of entry to the bank. Once Billie knows all she needs to, she can head out. The rail car is back at the station, but if she left the previous mission in the skiff, she can choose to take that to Upper Cyria instead, changing her arrival point from outside the station gates to the canal.

The key to access the rubbish disposal is with Anibal Garca, the bank custodian. He lives in the small apartment just above Brozenar Taxidermy and relatively near to where Billie begins the mission, regardless of whether she took the skiff or the boat. Reading the note Meet Me at the Cliffs reveals that Anibal went to the sheer drop to the right of the bank entrance in an attempt to retrieve a valuable pocket watch he saw there.

When Billie arrives, a group of rats inform her that Anibal's dead body can be found partway down the drop. Reaching the body, Billie can retrieve the key. She must then make her way to the other side of the bank, to the whale oil tank refilling station. Opening the door there will let her access the disposal dumpster.

Billie must climb into the dumpster and shoot the control button to its right through the grate with any of her voltaic gun ammunition or a charged hagpearl shot. The dumpster will automatically close and move to inside the disposal room, in which is a door to the main bank. It is possible for Billie to skip trying to find Anibal and simply go straight to the dumpster using Displace to bypass the locked door.

Under normal circumstances, there is no way to access the roof of the bank from outside. However, at this time there is a painter's lift to the unguarded right side of the bank's front door. While the lift is intended to help paint the building opposite, Billie can reach the roof of the bank using Displace or Agility once the lift is at the top of its path.

When Billie arrives, the lift is in its ground position but is almost out of whale oil, and so can only rise a short distance. The whale oil tanks are located to the left of the main entrance to the bank, where the rubbish disposal is, and that side is guarded with a wolfhound. Once a tank has been retrieved and inserted, the lift can rise up and Billie can reach the roof.

Once on the roof, there are two doors into the bank. The most obvious is next to the ventilation unit on the far side of the roof. Alternatively, there is a small room with fans in the ceiling just below the roof. One of these fans is open for repair, allowing Billie to slip through the gap presented and enter the bank via the door in there.

Shortly before the mission, Billie arranged for a street urchin to damage the walls to the tunnel underneath the bank's entrance. When she arrives, a worker will be there repairing the wall, and the access wrench will be in a box behind him. Billie must collect the wrench and use it to open the panels that control the two sewer gates. These panels are located to either side of the stairs up to the main entrance to the bank, making it effectively impossible to do without being seen. However, there is a guard standing near the stairs up from the tunnel, out of sight of the other guards and with his back turned. Both he and the worker in the tunnel are good candidates for Semblance and both have permission to be in the area. However, there are a few wolfhounds in the area, and Semblance does not trick them, so Billie must exercise with some caution.

Once the hatches have been opened and the crank wheels beneath them turned, Billie must return to where she picked up the wrench. Continuing on down the tunnel will lead to a hatch that is now open. Passing through will take her to the sewer system beneath the bank, from which she can access the bank itself. The sewers also contain a door, one that can only be opened from that side, that leads to the ledge on which Anibal can be found. This is also near the painter's lift, allowing Billie to collect the whale oil tank and move it to the lift with almost no chance of getting spotted.

Cienfuegos Pharmacy was known to keep laudanum, but was shut down by the bank when its owner, Eleuterio Cienfuegos, was killed. If Billie visits the store, she finds a petition on it, directing all those who wish to sign to Teresia Cienfuegos on Ferella Way. Talking to Cienfuegos will reveal that all the property of the pharmacy is being sold in an auction that night at Colibron Plaza, and that it includes enough laudanum for Billie's purposes.

Once inside the bank, Billie must find and recover the Twin-bladed Knife. To do this, she needs to access the Inner Atrium. If Billie entered via the sanitation entrance, she will already be inside the Inner Atrium. If not, she must access the control panel behind the teller desks

Billie must now make her way out of the bank and proceed to either the skiff or the rail car to return to the Dreadful Wale and finish the mission. If Billie left via the skiff last time and arrived via it this time, she will have to leave by the skiff as the rail car will not be there. If she left via the rail car last time and arrived that way this time, she will have the choice of using the skiff or the rail car to leave.

You've always been looking for the big score, Martine Love (Saffron Burrows) tells Terry Leathers (Jason Statham), "the one that makes sense of everything." And so, in THE BANK JOB, Terry -- like many movie crooks before him -- is lured into a scheme (inspired by a real-life 1971 heist) to rob a London bank. With a crew comprised of both friends and specialists, he tunnels from a nearby shop into the bank's time-locked vault, where they find a trove of safety deposit boxes. It's only after finishing the job that Terry learns the heist was actually instigated by a spy tasked with retrieving one box's contents: pornographic photos of British politicians and aristocrats (including a royal princess). Now he has to outmaneuver government agents, gangsters, and both corrupt and good cops.

Statham has a battering-ram physicality and a personality to match, and Donaldson puts it to good, toned-down use in his based-on-real-life tale about the robbery of Lloyds Bank by Terry (Statham), a debt-ridden owner of an auto body shop. Terry is recruited by old flame Martine (Saffron Burrows) to do the job, which is really being orchestrated by MI6 spooks in order to retrieve damning sexual photos of the royal family hidden in a bank security deposit box owned by revolutionary/drug dealer/pimp Michael X (Peter De Jersey).

Bank Job is a white-knuckle ride into the dark heart of our financial system, in which filmmaker and artist duo Hilary Powell and Dan Edelstyn risk their sanity to buy up and abolish debt by printing their own money in a disused bank in Walthamstow, London. Tired of struggling in an economic system that leaves creative people on the fringes, the duo weave a different story, both risky and empowering, of self-education and mutual action. Behind the opaque language and defunct diagrams, they find a system flawed by design but ripe for hacking. This is the inspiring story of how they listen and act upon the widespread desire to change the system to meet the needs of many and not just the few. And for those among us brave enough, they show how we can do this too in our own communities one bank job at a time.

Meaning, almost anyone from any background, from law to marketing, can work their way to a bank job. This is because the sector offers a wide variety of posts that require different skill sets. It makes the banking sector a huge multifarious organization. From graduates looking for a steady job to people looking for a more lucrative career, the banking sector has something to offer for everyone. Whatever dexterity you have, there will be a bank job that values it.

This is the cherry on top. A bank job provides subtle splashes of joy especially because it is a service-oriented job. Banks play a crucial role in helping their clients make important decisions regarding their education, purchasing homes and even planning their transition to a retired life. Ask any bank employee and they will give you anecdotes of how good it felt when he/she sanctioned a much-needed loan for a farmer, or perhaps of wherein a young entrepreneur was aided to achieve his/her dream. By the end of the day, you will have helped many people and changed their lives for the better. You may never meet these people again in your life but each one of them will remember you.

One of the pleasures of bank-heist movies -- good ones -- is the process of unraveling the intricacies of their plot machinery, of marveling at the way Slot A fits so smoothly into Tab B, or doesn't: There's always the risk that a car won't show up at the appointed time, or that an eager rookie thug will blab important info to the wrong person. In the movies, pulling off a good heist always involves a certain degree of skill, of good-natured buffoonery, of haphazard luck, and the characters in Roger Donaldson's "The Bank Job" generously fill all those requirements.

Jason Statham plays Terry, a family man with a somewhat shady past who now runs a used-car dealership in East London. One day Martine (Saffron Burrows), a former model and a friend from his old neighborhood, shows up with a proposition: She has a supposedly foolproof plan for getting into a bank vault on Baker Street that's packed with safe-deposit boxes full of cash and jewelry. Do Terry and his friends -- who include Kev (Stephen Campbell Moore, of "The History Boys"), an aspiring fashion photographer who's smitten with Martine, and Dave (Daniel Mays), a rather ordinary-looking bloke who picks up extra money acting in porn -- want in? 041b061a72

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